The BioJS registry ensembles the sharepoint for web components visualizing biological data. The backend uses Express and MongoDB, whereas the Frontend is an Angular application. Written purely in JS.

Multiple Sequence Alignment (MSA) Viewer

MSA Viewer

MSAs help researchers to discover novel differences (or matching patterns) that appear in many sequences. The MSA viewer is a modular, resusable component to visualize large MSAs interactively on the web. Written in CoffeeScript.


The bioinformatics game

The Binformatics game is fun role play where the player needs to build his own proteins from their amino acid sequence. While learning about enzymes that "ceaselessly battle the champagne you consumed on New Year's eve", he has to tackle some obstacles on his way to ultimate glory! Available for Android and iOS. Written in C++.


Bacon - secondary structure prediction

When we sequence proteins we obtain the primary structure (one-dimensional chain of the amino acids). However when we want to approach more scientific questions (e.g. is this a trans-membrane protein?) we need to go up in the hierarchy. A small step to this is to know the secondary structure (interaction between residues). Obviously we don't have this information, but luckily it is conserved in the amino acid chain (at least to some extent). Bacon is secondary structure prediction service using the GOR IV method.



Have you ever been to lazy to check the substitution schedule manually (e.g. by walking by foot to the printed copy). At least for some lazy pupils at the high school of Immenstadt (a small town in the lovely Bavaria) the dream has come true. Substi is a substitution schedule app for iOS and Android.